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Mr. R.M YadavMr. R.M Yadav, a renowned diver from Indian Navy has formed the company. He has completed his services with Indian Navy for 15 years and of which he was exclusively with the Diving Team of Indian Navy for 10 years. All over his service with Diving Team of Indian Navy he has attended a lot of Rescue, inspection, Salvage and construction works of different types. After his Air Diving he has under gone a course in clearance Diving and successfully completed it. All over his service with Indian Navy he had maintained a heart felt relation with his supervisors and was lovable to his subordinates.He left is services to start his own company in the Diving field to meet challenges.
Gurukrupa Diving Services Pvt. Limited has completed a lot of diving jobs at different locations in India to the entire satisfaction of clients after meeting job requirements. Their clients M/S. TRUFFELGAR House Kolkata, M/S. Simplex Concrete Piles India Limited, M/S.Blas Nedam International Limited, M/S. Hindustan Petroleum for their plant at Kandla and a lot more for whom we have rendered our services.
They were engaged with M/s. Kvaerner Cementation India at Dahej. They have successfully provided various types of Diving services round the clock from the beginning to completion of Birla Copper Jetty and Gujarat Chemical Port Terminal Ltd. (GCPTCL) jetty from 11th October 1996 to 5th April 2001. M/s. Skanska Cementation India Ltd. Site Amona Khandola Bridge at Goa, from 1st November 2002 to 30th October 2004. Sea Bird Lift Project at Karwar (Karnataka) from July 2003 to 28th February 2005. M/s. N.S.Guzdar Company Ltd. jetty project at Oman Khasab from June 2005 to continue. We nave carried out various Diving work as Contractor to M/S. Hydro Air Pvt.Ltd. Vashi, Navi Mumbai, M/S. Essar Project Ltd. Mumbai, M/S. Trafigar House Construction India Ltd. Kolkata
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